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Система удаленного электропитания RES24L013RFM48N

Cost effective reliability

This compact 3x120W remote energy solution from Mitra E&I provides high availability of power to remote sites in the local loop of the newest networks. The system connects to copper pairs networks powered at high voltage in the cen- tral office equipment. This solution takes advantage of the battery energy back-up power provided centrally. In this way high availability is provided at the remote site without increasing the number of remote battery locations and the exponential costs associated with their maintenance.

One compact system for street cabinet above- or underground

The system is composed of three modules 120W. The module inputs are fed by a common high voltage bus com- bining 24 copper pairs connected to the central office equipment. The lateral cooling of the system provided by a removable fan tray enables the installation of the system horizontally or vertically to secure excellent cooling in street cabinets located above- or underground.

Easy installation and faster deployment

The 200mm / (7.87”) deep system is delivered in either 19” or ETSI compatible rack mounting. The module can be quickly and very cost effectively installed in the network as it does not require any connection to the utility network, or any site safety approvals. The energy system is designed to operate on temperature range from –25°C to 70°C in forced air cooling.

Redundancy at all levels

Dual power bus supports very high reliability. All power modules can be easily replaced in the field without interrup- tion of power. The number of copper pair connections is designed independently of the number of power modules. It enables the reduction of copper pairs necessary secure redundancy at the module level and ease the dimension- ing of the number of pairs in regard to the distance from the central up-converter.

Integrated remote monitoring and output distribution

An embedded module combining five outputs and site alarm monitoring completes the system. Up to six site dry alarms can be connected to the remote power system. A modulator combines these alarms and provides a signal that can be reported to the central office up converter which allows site monitoring, lines and power conversion from a central location.

  • Down converter system for remote powering applications
  • Complies with EN60950-21 RFT-C
  • Load share to offer fully n+1 redundant power
  • Integrated monitoring and distribution
  • 19” and ETSI compatible
  • 250mm / (9.84”) deep
  • Field interchangeable modules
  • Easy installation and connection

Технические данные:

Параметры Значение
Safety standards EN60950-21 RFT-C; EN60950-1 (TNV networks)
Output voltage -54.0VDC ± 0.2VDC
Over Voltage Protection -59.5VDC ± 0.5VDC
Output Power capability 120W per module - up to three modules
Load sharing ±5%
Output distribution One output power limited
Efficiency 85% min.
Input lines Up to 3 * 8 twisted pairs and one line for the communication with the central office
Operating input voltage 200VDC to 330VDC
Input power 18W max. per twisted pair (subject to the losses in the line)
Input current feed 58mA max. per twisted pair
Protection Overvoltage, short circuit, overload, excessive temperature, reverse polarity for the auxiliary input
Auxiliary power One 48V connection is provided for maintenance purposes
Monitoring (Alarms Urgent (U) and
Non-Urgent (NU))
DC converter fail or one fan failed (NU), more than one DC converter or fan failed (U),
3 uncommitted inputs (NU) 3 committed inputs (U)
Visual indicators One green led on each DC converter
Operating Temperature -20°C to 70°C power with derating over 55°C
Cooling Fan cooled (fan unit in the rack)
EMC Complies with ES300386, ITU K-44 and ITU K-45
Dimensions 19” x 2U x 248mm (WxHxD)
Access Front access for all connectors

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